It's understandable why most buyers don't have their sights on Caledon. Some of the things I've heard are, 'Well, Toronto or Brampton is just nearby, so why even bother staying in Caledon when I can just walk to work and where I want to go?'

As what I always advise my clients – consider all the pros and cons of staying in various cities. Maybe you can afford a property in Toronto, but with the increased costs of living in the cities, it's easy to lose yourself in expenses if you're not careful.

Of course, that implies that staying in Caledon for work or for good (it's a very family-oriented city) is much more affordable than Toronto. However, there are various more reasons, as I'll highlight in this post.

Affordable Property Prices (Than Toronto)

The most recent Caledon MLS data published recently shows that the average property in Caledon only costs about $1.5 million. That's a million shaved off the average property price in Toronto and just a little bit more than what you'll probably need to stay in Brampton.

But, even if it's the second most expensive city in Canada, Caledon doesn't have costly regular upkeep. It's only 18% more expensive to live in Caledon than the national average compared to the staggering heights of living costs in Toronto, which can get around $4,000 on average per month for a small family.

Family-Oriented Cities

Not being a central business district and financial powerhouse like Toronto, Caledon properties have a large selection of single-family homes, with a few condominiums far and between. The good news is, they're much more affordable than the prices of the same properties you would find in Toronto.

Even with its lower cost of living, Caledon's two or one-bathroom home is a great investment given that you'll have access to nearby upmarket amenities. Rest assured, you're paying less and spending less to enjoy your stay (and your long retirement) in Caledon.

Also for Professionals

Now, let's say you're a professional who isn't married and just staying in Canada to work in Toronto. You're still in a good market. Condominiums might be few and far in between, but the supply is high. You can find plenty of one and two-bedroom condominiums that are unbelievably near Toronto – you'd probably only need to take one bus to get to and from your workplace.

Of course, if there's to be an influx of professionals in Toronto, Caledon's condominium supply can prove  problematic. But then again, there's always the greatly affordable properties you can find in Brampton, which also features lots of great amenities and is quite close to Toronto like Caledon.

Near Populous Cities and Towns With Amenities

As we've mentioned, Caledon is near Brampton and Toronto. If the local community activities aren't always your thing, it's easy to go shopping in Toronto or Brampton. Eyeing a concert from your favorite artist? You can easily get to Toronto from Caledon. You'd bet there'd be athletic events and annual season events in the area, so it's no skin off your nose and wallet to consider Caledon for a long-time stay.

Now, I know finding the right real estate for you or your family in Caledon is hard, but that's where I excel in. Allow me, Mats the Agent, to aid in finding the best and most suitable property for you. Call me today or fill out the form above, and let's find that perfect property!